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We provide services to advertise that are easy and on target for every need and interest of your company. Trialza Indonesia provides advertising organizer services with a zero budget project system. easy solution for companies looking to reduce budget costs.

Not only in the national newspapers but we also provide outdoor media for your advertisements. What are you waiting for, immediately contact us for convenience in organizing every activity of your company!



Trialza provides publication services in the form of books, agenda books, calendars. If your company has print media needs such as books, work agenda and calendars, but with minimal costs. You have found the right page! 

Trialza Indonesia has a publication service for your print media needs. We have a team of professional writers who prioritize data and accuracy in writing. With the same concept, the concept of zero budget project for every printing and media publishing of your company.


Digital Services

We provide digital services to keep up with current developments.Changes in the business world have made many companies start to make changes in their business strategies, one of which is by providing services through digital services.

Trialza Indonesia strives to meet your company’s needs by providing digital services. The digital services we provide include social media management, website development, online surveys, and many others. Contact us to improve the quality of your business with digital services!


Event Organizer

As a mid-sized company, we also have experience in organizing events. Trialza Indonesia is an event organizer to fulfill every event of your company. Equipped with a professional and powerful team in every field.

Our wide network of vendors makes it easy for us to prepare for your event. With our experience we are ready to help you to organize your event. Contact us for further information!

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